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Managing risk with Agile – the Agile Risk Management model

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With Agile now the de facto approach for software development it is imperative to understand how we use Agile tools and approaches to manage and mitigate risk. Too often when talking to organisations about the benefits of Agile software development we get the response that the current priority – Big Project X – is too important to fail and that Agile is too risky.

We propose an Agile Risk Management Model for managing and mitigating risk. In this model you will see that different Agile approaches mitigate different risks, with each approach primarily affecting one of the areas identified as well as influencing the other areas.

Agile risk management model

Agile risk management model

Alongside the model we describe various tools for managing the common risks. Taken together, these tools greatly increase our chances of successfully delivering projects for our organisations.

The tools enable us to prioritise the continual, incremental delivery of working software. By prioritising the delivery of working software we are able to constantly inspect the quality, functionality and desirability of the software.

Like tasting food while you are cooking, we taste at every stage of the project and adjust the ingredients and seasoning as needed to ensure a flavourful and well-balanced dish.

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  • The Agile Risk Management Model
  • The 4 different kinds of risk faced by software development projects
  • Using Agile Risk Management Model to manage risk

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